Monday, December 24, 2007

I am right here, alive ... !!!!

Hi all,
Its been some time since I have made any new post...was literally afraid if my blog would just die down!!!

Honestly, was not in the least of mind frame to be typing out anything. I am running 2.5 months now. Had two rounds of "vaaal" today(in malayalam..hee hee)..or vomiting, that is....
I am very much depending on the tablet "Navidoxine" help me through....takes it almost daily...missed it yesterday night, and hence the vaaaalll during office timings tooo..... Luckly, for me, things are always the other way round. Usually, pregnant women tend to have morning sickness, while is fine in the mornings, provided I dont take even a drop of water, till I reach my office.
I am very much into "Evening Sickness!!!...and its getting really cold too here, so am very much on my couch, all cuddled up in my comforter...and with a bad bad cough, to make things worse.
As was with my first child, I have started having this "no no" towards drinking water. GOing more for watermelons as substitute. And hey, I need your advice. Is it mut that I should drink milk????
I know its silly to ask,...but honestly, I have been a dairy hater from scratch (I dislike milk, never even bother to look at yougurt, butter, cream, cheese...except for ice creams). Previously, for my first pregnancy,I was with my mother, so had no way but to have milk, with some added powders to camouflage the smell..but now, it me alone here, cant set myself to take a glass of this white thinghy and have it by myself!!!.
I told mummy that I vomitted each time I drank milk, and she suggested..moleae, atleast eat some milk powder!!! (was she jokin???).
I keep a pouch of flakes, the healthier variety... in my bag, and keeps munching it in between, and that too without milk. Just like that. I have got my excuse anyway..I say I will drink milk, after 3-4 months, once my vomitting and stuff subsides..(hopefully!!!!).
As for other happenings, well....we had a cooking event, which by no other choice, I had to host, for my husbands college Allumini Ladies Forum. Had just very less time prepare, so went for very very simple cooking....and in the end, I came up with 10 different foodies...
1. Palak thoran, prepared in MW,
2. Purle Jam in MW, courtesy Viji of VCuisine
3. Pasta Coleslaw, original version from Ashajee
4. Pickled eggs
5. Potato wedges in MW
6. Todd in a hole, something I had posted sometime back
7. Corn flaked mixture, also from Viji
8. Fruit - cake Kebaks
9. Assorted bun pizzas
10. Mint and fruit ices...phew!!!, wasnt I flattttt tired after all these!


Thats me, and my spread....I have already started to blot up !!! (As if, I was slim, before!)..

Well folks, bye for now..happy Christmas, Happy New Year....

We are going to Indian by mid of Jan so, most probably, my next post will be after that....Catch ya all later....

Lov lov and lov,



Asha said...

You look great Sona, glowing with impending motherhood!:)
Take care, pop in a Calcium or multi Vitamin tablet everyday, don't have to drink milk if t makes you puke. Take care, good luck. Hugs to you, see you when you are back!:))

purl said...

Great to see your blog.I also live in Kuwait.

Roshan R said...

as far as i remember, not a must that u must eat / drink milk/ powder :)

Seena said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year , Sona!
You look great. have wonderful holidays!

vimmi said...

Hi Sona,
Congrats. I did drink a lot of milk and had yogurts. But u can take calcium supplement or also tums which have calcium. Ask ur doc.

The spread looks yummy. Do take care of ur health. ur nausea will probably subside after a month or so.

sra said...

Hi Sona, what a very happy picture! All the best of luck for you and your child, have a nice time at home!

Cynthia said...

Sona darling! It is good to finally see you :)

Happy holidays to you and the family!

Shella said...

Hey I've been wondering how you've been & wanting to mail you asking about your health. You look as lovely a a pregnant lady does!! I dont have much advise to you, coz I havent had the privilege of going thru what you are going thru (some people have all the luck in the world!!) -but I really hope you feel better kutty & take care of yourself & I really miss you a lot, but I u'stand so take good care. N hats off to you for managing such an awesome spread nonetheless

bhags said...

Happy to hear the news...:) So please take acre of your health.

The spread looks inviting and now waiting fro the recipes....

Congrats abdnd have fun.

Mishmash ! said...

Hey Sona , Congrats :) Just happened to see this post now...was busy with X'mas and enjoying look quite cheerful , my preggie lady...:) Take care...go home and enjoy mom's sure thats what you long for now :) Have a great year ahead :)


Jeena said...

Sona you look all happy and pretty. :-) I hope you feel better soon glad to see you doing good though. :-)
Did you know there is a lot of calcium in green foods like kale? Ask your doctor if your not sure. Take care jeena x

mallurecipes said...

good spread of dishes,
hey ! take care of urself!!!
be happy

Superchef said...

congratulations n take care!!

Rachel said...

oh oh..I had a bad time the initial six months and my doc refused to give me any medicines until i finished my intial three months..for nausea..put in a handful of cummin seeds..worked for me..take it easy and you are looking good..look at the spread you made girl..good on you!!!

AJ said...

hai sona

AJ said...

hai Sona....
Cheers to you .......
Excellent recipies....
Great work...
Take Care & God Bless

Nags said...

hello Sona. hope you are doing good and feeling better now.

been a while.. take care :)

Jagadeesh M said...

You have good taste, Good Luck


Seena said...

Dear Sona,
I felt regretted to day when I saw your comment. Since few days I was thinking to ask abt you, and when I was cooking today, I thought def. would visit your blog today. And after cooking, I came to check comments and really surprised and of course regretted too seeing your comment.
Hope you could manage both work and home together..
ok, take care Sona, see you later.. :)

Jeena said...

Sona it is great to hear from you friend!!! How are you? I hope you are good. Feel free to email me at I'd love to hear from you. You can join the new food recipe forum it is very friendly and everyone would love to see you on there. :-)