Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Salads n made eazzieee....

Back to blogging....on a " guest-appearance" basis. Just happened to come across the Kraft foods website sometime back, trust me...its got tonnes of really simple and quick-fix recipies.

Had a dinner party for a couple of my husband's Philipino friends some time back, so decided on a menu that would be "less-hot" on their tastebuds. Went for a salad n appetizer treat.

Once the chopping is through, the work is 75% done.

To start off,

1. Sliced Baguette and Dipping Oil

Make it :

Mix Italian Dressing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and crushed dry chillie flakes in a shallow bowl.
Serve with sliced baguette.

2. Light Tuna Dip with Crackers

Make it:

Mix drained light tuna meat with light mayo and Thousand Island Salad Dressing.
Add a dash of ground pepper powder and salt to taste.
Decorate with sliced olives, and serve with crackers.

3. Sweet and Tangy Sausages

Make it:
Cook the sausages and cut diagonally into half.
Mix hot and sweet barbaque sauce, garlic powder, and a bit of strawberry jam in a wok.
Add in the sausages and let cook till the sauces thicken and generously coat the franks.
Serve hot, garnished with seseme seeds and cashewnuts.

4. Macaroni - fruit -veg - salsa

Make it :
Mix cooked macaroni with light mayo, bit of fresh milk, sugar, a pinch of salt and pepper.
Add to it, cooked green peas, corn and slit grapes.
Serve chilled.

5. Ginger beans

Make it :
Cut beans into half.
In a wok, add in any any soup mix of your choice (I used the maggi veg mix) , chopped ginger , sweet chillie sauce, water and beans to it.
Let cook the beans in the mix till thick.

6. Easy nugget stack

Make it :
Onto a toothpick, stack a slice of cut cucumber, fried chicken balls, tomato wedge and shrimp.

7. Quick Nachos

Make it:
Arrange potato chips on a microwavable plate. Top with chopped tomato, onions, green pepper.
Sprinkle with shredded cheese and some salad dressing powder/ paprika powder.
Microwave on high for 1-2 minutes till the cheese is slightly melted.
Serve immediately, garnished with corriander leaves.
This was a hit!!!

8. Chicken - dil - salad

Make it:

Shread cooked chicken to thin pieces.
Mix freshly chopped, carrot, red and green pepper, salad leaves.
Add to it Ranch salad dressing, and serve over freshly chopped cabbage, garnished with dil leaves.

9. Main - course :
Beef stir-fry


1 tbsp oil
3 beef burgers cooked and cut
1 cup cooked chicken
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tsp grated fresh root ginger
1 red pepper, sliced
1 green pepper, sliced
1 yellow pepper, sliced
1 carrot, sliced
1 cup brocolli florets
Baby corn
1 packet Maggie Veg Soup Mix
2 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp sweet chillie sauce

Heat oil in a frying pan. Add ginger, garlic, onions and saute for a minute.
Add in the sliced beef, chicken meat and the veggies.
Add to it the soup mix, soy sauce, chillie sauce, salt and pepper.
Mix together and cook till done.

10. Mushroom rice pilaf:

3 tbsp margarine or butter
1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
1-1.5 cup cooked basmati rice
Green peas
Soya sauce
Pepper powder,salt
3/4 cup sliced almonds
Raisins, chopped cashewnuts, corriander leaves to garnish

Melt margarine or butter in a wok, fry the mushrooms, add in the cooked rice and green peas.
Add the soya sauce, pepper powder and salt to taste. Mix well
Garnish with sliced almonds, cashewnuts and corriander leaves.

11. Mix n Match desert - my patent product

Does this need a description ???..just mix in whatever you see in the was something, that i had whipped up with whatever i could lay my sight on.

One ladoo, one jilebi, a roll wafer, a tsp of cherry filling, with whipped cream and couple of coloured corn flakes. The filipinos really relished the ladoos, but the whole platter as such was a bit too sweet for them.

And finally, the green work station during the whole process....

The list is loooong..but the over all effort is real less.
Chop, mix and serve !!!

You are in for a real compliment..whipping up all this in just about 2 hrs !!!


Asha said...

Oh MY! I want to come to that party too!:))

Seena said...

hm, great, Sona! adipoli aayirikkunnu! I can't imagine one like that, different from our sada dishes.. :)
how are you and kids?

Jeena said...

Hi Sona, looks like you had great fun cooking for your party. I would love the Indian sweets for dessert. :-)

How are you? Email me if you want to stay in touch my address is on my blog. :-)

Superchef said...

heyy..sooo good to see you back!!! MY-My!! what a spread. Eneyum vilikkam aayirunnu. Just kidding :D:D

loved your patent dessert..throw in anythign sweet and its your dessert. Great!! :):)

Divya Vikram said...

Lovely dessert! Pretty n quick fix dishes..

Swapna said...

Wow Sona....what a spread!!!! every thing looks delicious!!!
Happy Easter dear!!!

Sakshi said...

I am totally bowled over by ur blog name!! keeps me ROFL. You made all!! I would be in bed by the time the guests arrived if I attempted a feat like urs...will be back to read more and by the way is the rat taking all the experiments in good spirits??? My rat is on the verge of dehydration as he always ends up in tears bcoz of the amount of spices I use as a South Indian and he is a North Indian.

Cynthia said...

Guest appearance or not it is wonderful to see you!

mallugirl said...

that looks like a less spicy but nevertheless yummy spread. just two hrs.. u are kidding!!i really got curious abt the ginger beans. i make garlic beans but beans and soup mix..??should try it.

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

Ashajee..I have replied to you in your space...will I not be honoured to have the "Queen of Bloggging" here in Kuwait..

Hai Seena, thank youu..yeah, deifferent kind for people woth different tastes, all doing great...

Jeena,Superchef, Divya.... great to see your smiling faces!!! the dessert, yeah it was a mix and match

Thanks Swapna...hope you too had a blast for easter

Sakshi, I just admire you writing are soo funny...glad to meet you!

Cynthia Ma' are you!!!

Mallugirl Shaheen,.yes, salads and appetizers are the most easiest you can whip up in no time....but you will need an assistant too to cut n clean.. :)

Nags said...

Ithaano effort less? :) Had a blast at home for sure :) How are u doing gal?

Pooja said...

Lovely spread of dishes :)

Geanina Codita said...

Many Greetings from Romania. You have a very nice blog with lot of color and text that you represent. See you soon!

anudivya said...

How on earth do I get invited to a party like that! I love the macaroni and fruit salad/salsa.
But really all of them look fab.

Kulsum said...

Well I m so excited to have found you. A blogger from Kuwait. So relat to your cooking.


nisha s said...

My,my..such lovely dishes...Truly u r a kitchen scientist dear :-)